5 Best Apple iOS Gadgets Dominating the Market right Now

Apple iOS gadgets are among the most sought after gadgets in the world. If they are not number one, the worst is, they will be number 3. 

But which of these iOS gadgets are currently dominating the world?

I’ll love to start with a quote from Will Smith in an interview with Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) where he said that “technology is an absolute necessity to advance human imagination.” This is exactly what Apple Inc. aims to achieve in all its devices. 

It’s a fundamental concept that has shaped all Apple iOS products that we’ve come to know and love. The human factor is always considered before any product launch. Instead of stacking features upon features, and putting in the high numbers, the focus is more on how these gadgets can help their customers.

This is a big reason why they’ve remained at the top level in every product category they produce. You can’t name the top PCs, smartphones, or tablets without calling an Apple device. In that light, we present to you the top Apple devices dominating the market.

5 Best Apple iOS Gadgets Dominating the World

#1. iPhone 12 Pro Max

This isn’t just any smartphone. It’s actually one of the best smartphones available in the market. This isn’t all about the big numbers – sure it does pack the numbers but most importantly, it’s the satisfaction the users get when they use the iPhone. 

Now let’s see what makes this device great. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has been known to excel in the camera department. This means a lot to creators who can’t afford a digital camera. The iPhone 12 Pro Max especially is a great substitute for shooting type of shots.

But it’s not just all about the camera, the performance for users across board is one of the best out there. In terms of speed, this sits among the top smartphones. The overall design scheme looks and feels amazing. It is just all-round quality.

Is it worth the value you’re getting? Absolutely. 

When you factor in the huge and crisp display, great battery, processor, and all of you’re getting, we can’t complain about the price. What more could you want from a smartphone? The 12 Pro Max checks all the right boxes.

It’s not just a smartphone, it’s a great creativity tool for all digital creators and smartphone users in general.


#2. MacBook Pro 2020

Speed, power, and beauty. This summarizes the MacBook Pro. Whether you choose to do heavy stuff or perform lightweight tasks, the MacBook Pro and the all-new M1 Chip. It’s a big upgrade from Apple which seeks to improve performance. 

It is a Retina display with 500 nits of brightness which looks great to the eyes, especially during media consumption.

The keyboard gets the new scissors mechanism which makes typing fun. Right along the new magic keyboard, we’ve got the massive trackpad that does all the magic for you. 

Want more magic? Say Hello to Touch ID. It’s been since removed from the iPhone but we still see it and all its glory on the MacBook. 

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Just like the iPhones, MacBook tends to spot the best camera on PCs. The camera and audio quality are just right for all your video conferencing needs. And while you’re at it, you can throw in other tasks and this laptop would barely heat up. 

So, whether you’re a digital creator or just a casual user, the huge SSD storage plus the huge battery which is one of the best out there, you can do more with ease. You still get a chance to play with your iOS and iPad apps or you could take it up a notch higher with Augmented Reality support. 

It’s all about speed, power, and beauty!

#3. iPad Pro (2020)

Who still needs a laptop when you can get more done with the iPad Pro. This is way better than some laptops out there if we’re to be honest. 

So, do you still want to get a laptop? Because you’ve got lots of stuff here to prevent you from doing that. But first, you’ve got to appreciate the display. 

This is a Liquid Retina display at Full HD with TrueTone. It gets better with the Pro-Motion which is capped at 120Hz. It’s a variable refresh rate which should translate to more juice.

Speaking of juice, you’ve got a hell of a device that could take you the whole day. This is made possible by advancement in the Octa-Core Bionic A12Z chip. It also makes multitasking a breeze. The iPad Pro handles everything you throw at it. 

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The chip handles your video editing, coding, and even gaming effortlessly. 

The new keyboard and trackpad are all you could ever ask for. The keyboard employs the scissors mechanism to make typing faster and more fun. This is hugely complemented by the massive trackpad which takes you through the iPad in a unique style. 

It’s even more interesting when you add the Apple Pencil to the mix. This comes in handy for students when taking notes or probably scribble down some ideas. You couldn’t ask for more, it’s quality in a sleek and unique package!

#4. Airpods Pro

Get immersed in the moment with the Airpods Pro. A headphone that fits just right in your ears, sounds just right and lasts so long. 

It’s noise cancelation at its best, it’s that immersive feeling you get from watching your favorite series or humming to that hit track! It’s the best listening experience.

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All these are made possible by the H1 chip – a physically small, yet lyrically outstanding chip that performs beyond its peers. You get to vibe to your favorite artist with the long-lasting battery that could get you over 20 hours of listening time. Make that an hour of entertainment on a 5 minutes charge.

You don’t have to worry about awkward fitting or oversized earbuds, with the Ear Tip Fit Test you get to choose from three suitable sizes. So far, this is the best earbud you can get, especially for those in the Apple ecosystem.

#5. iWatch (Series 6)

Get more done right from your wrist. The iWatch 6 is not just another fashion piece, but a health gadget from Apple. The iWatch 6 lets you keep abreast with your health at all times. The ECG and heart rate monitor on the iWatch stands taller than other brands. 

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It doesn’t end with the functionalities, but also you’ve got a good looking wristwatch. You can go full swing on customizing this by picking from over 100 watch faces and strap design. It’s a full package!

Wrapping Up: Best Apple iOS Gadgets Right Now

Value is what matters! And that’s what you get from these Apple iOS gadgets. They don’t just make these devices, they make gadgets that “advance human imagination”. So, depending on your needs, you can add any of these tech pieces to your list of devices.

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