iOS 14 Update: All New Features In Latest Apple OS & Compatible Devices

It has been moments of joy since Apple announced iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod touch. Why? Because the latest iOS has some amazing features iPhone users wished they could be enjoying in their luxury Apple smartphones.

Every year, developers and tech enthusiasts from around the world, gather for Apple’s WWDC, which is an event that tends to showcase the company’s latest software products and updates to its existing products. This year was quite different as the event was streamed-live due to obvious reasons. 

Notwithstanding, Apple revealed another set of software products for some of its devices, and a little bit of hardware (Apple Silicon) announcement was made.

Of the many products introduced, iOS 14 had the major talking points as we see a new breath of life that would change the way we use the novel iPhones. The latest iOS should make it easier to get certain things done on our phones than before.

Although it is still in the beta stages, we should be getting a stable release when the iPhone 12 launches later this year. 

But for now, let’s see what’s in the all-new iOS 14.

iOS 14 Release Date, Beta, Features and Compatible iPhones


Widgets, which has been a feature on Apple’s watchOS, has now been brought over to the iOS 14. The tech giants are looking to improve on the widget present on watchOS with more functionalities flexibility. 

Apple iOS 14 Homescreen Widget

On your home screen, you get to customize widgets for different sizes, this should make the home screen look more interesting and give room for easier navigation between apps. 

We are still left in the dark about two things: firstly, the size of the grids — minimum and maximum, and also, apps that could get widgets. However, it’s more likely that first-party apps like Weather, Apple New, iTunes, and similar apps, should be getting widgets.

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App Library 

Another chance we get to see on the home screen is the new App Library — which can be found by swiping to the right of the home screen. iOS 14 App Library will now let you organize all apps on your home screen, instead of swiping through numerous screens to get to an app.

The App Library gives you a clutter-free home screen — as your apps are grouped accordingly, this is done automatically, though. Social apps like Facebook and Twitter get to be in the same folder, while browsers like Safari and Chrome are grouped into a separate folder. 

iOS 4 App Library

Additionally, you can search for any app by swiping down anywhere on the home screen, or by using the search bar. Opening the search bar gives you a list of all your apps, and you can choose how you want them to be sorted. You also have the ability to hide home screens, add or delete home screen pages, on the App Library.

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App Clips 

Want to quickly use a service but don’t have the required app to do so? Well, you don’t need to download a full app as the App Clip feature lets you use certain parts of an app without having the full-fledged app. 

iOS 4 App Clips

This tiny part of an app could come in handy when paying for a service, purchasing coffee, or performing an action on an app. This feature can be accessed by cards that pop up at the bottom of your screen. Also, scanning on a QR Code, or NFC tag could initiate the service as well. 

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iOS 14 Compact UI: Incoming Call Notification

Before this time, getting a call on your iPhone or iPad will automatically draw over your current working screen. That is about to change now, as the latest update from Apple now shows you the caller ID at the top of your screen.

iOS 14 Incoming Call

This should work perfectly fine, right now, on the native Phone and FaceTime apps. Other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger should also be able to do this or provide an update to enable it.

With this, you won’t get disrupted in the middle of replying quickly to a conversation, you can choose to answer the call, reject it, or swipe it away to keep it ringing in the background.

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iOS 14 Compact UI: Picture-in-Picture

Still, on Compact UI, we now have a system-wide Picture-in-Picture for better multitasking.

This update lets you watch videos while reading an article on your browser, replying to a chat, or doing other things on your iPhone.

It’s flexible: you can play with the size. You can toggle the width, move the video around; up or down, left or right, to any corner of your screen.


It works for now with the native video player. Hopefully, apps like YouTube will release an update to enable this on the iOS as it does on Android.

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iOS 14 Compact UI: Revamped Siri!

At some point, while using the iPhones, we tend to get tired of typing on our screens or just want a hand-free experience, which makes us resort to the digital assistant — Siri.

The new iOS update brings with it a new design, quite different from what Siri looked like, and also some new improvements to make Siri assist you better.

iOS 4 Siri

Saying “Hey Siri!” no longer takes up the entirety of your display, you now get a bubble that pops up at the bottom when initiated.

We should also be getting much-improved search results, unlike the vague responses we normally got before this time.

Search results will now appear on a small window at the upper half of your display.

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iOS 14 MESSAGING is much better

A bunch of new features have been added to Apple’s messaging platform. Some of these are what we’re already used to in apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Slack, others are definitely new.

You can now reply to conversations — inline. There’s a feature to perform @mentions in group chats as well. Users can now choose to be notified when they are mentioned in a conversation, or when they get a direct reply in chats.

iOS 4 Messaging

Important conversations can now be pinned to the top, but there’s no idea as to how many can be pinned. This should save you the trouble of scrolling down to reply to important chats.

There’s also something for the emoji lovers — which is all of us I guess. The new emoji feature allows you to create custom emojis, which could look identical to yourself. Apple has also added more skin tones, head wears, and face coverings (2020’s necessary accessory) to certain emojis.

Lastly, you can now search for an emoji using the keyboard. This is a new thing, and we like it. It makes life easier for us — emoji lovers!

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iOS 14 new translate app could make interactions more meaningful as conversations can now happen in real-time without linguistic restrictions.

It works on messaging apps and other places when you need to translate from another language, or, another language.

This should mean a lot to us because we can now interact with friends, family, colleagues, or clients in another part of the world, speaking a different language.

Don’t get too excited. The app only supports 11 languages for now. But you can be optimistic in the sense that Apple will keep adding new languages, from time to time, in the future.

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iOS 14 Apple MAPS: Guides, Cycling Directions, and EV Navigation

Maps are a wonderful way to commute from place to place using the iPhone. There are some useful tools that make navigation much easier, but Apple still added some more tools to it in iOS 14.

Guides — with this you can now get some information about certain places on the map. These places, such as recreational centers, hospitals, hotels, or popular landmarks, would pop up with a little description of them when tapped.

iOS 14 Maps

Cyclists can now easily move around with the new routing system. As a cyclist, you would get clearer routes with less traffic while driving. There is also some geographical information like the steepness or sloppiness of your chosen route.

Finally, owners of electric-powered vehicles can now get information on available charging points on the desired route. The suggestions are based mainly on your level of the current charge, and the charger type.

The new Maps features are currently available in major cities in the US, and a couple of others in China. However, you should expect more cities to be added to the list.

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Digital Car Keys

Ever forgot your keys inside, and you have to walk back from the garage to go get it? That wouldn’t be happening now with the new digital Car Keys on iPhone.

The iPhone digital keys use NFC to unlock and start your car. Not all cars would support this, however, but the 2021 BMW 5 series will be the pioneers of this new technology.

In addition to this, Apple also announced Ultra-Wideband technology which would allow iPhone users to unlock or start their cars without taking it off their pocket or bag. This tech, according to Apple, would be facilitated using the U1 chip and would be available in future iPhone models.

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The variety they say is the spice of life. But Apple didn’t give you the luxury of choosing default apps before the iOS 14.

This didn’t look cool for some users who prefer other alternatives to Apple’s first-party apps.

For now, you would be only allowed to change the default browser and email apps. We expect to see this option made available to other apps as well, in the future.

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Apple is heralded for its resolve to protect user privacy. But it seems they never achieved that fully after all, because app developers were still able to collect sensitive information without the users’ consent.

The new privacy update should see a reduction in the amount of information gotten, illegally, from the user. Apple wants to give developers only the required information and not sensitive ones which is oftentimes used for campaigns and targeted ADs.

iOS 14 Privacy

So, now before you install an app from the Store, you get to see what permissions would be needed, information about the developer, and new easy-to-understand privacy policy.

Also, users will now be able to know when an app is actively using the microphone and camera. For the camera, you would get a blue light notification close to your network bar, while apps using the microphone will show an orange light in the same position.

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Smart Home Controls

Owners of smart home accessories can now do more with the expanded controls and automation features on the Home app.

iOS 14 Home Screen

The color temperature throughout the day will now be adjusted automatically. Also, smart doors with video support can now detect friends and family with new face recognition support. This would be end-to-end encrypted for user privacy.

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iOS 14 AirPods

Although this isn’t entirely an iOS 14 feature, it’s worth highlighting.

It is easier to switch AirPods between Apple products, this is now done automatically. Dropping your iPhone to pick up the iPad would automatically disconnect from the iPhone, and pair to the iPad — one of the perks of the Apple ecosystem.

You also get the immersive theatre-like experience with the new spatial sound support which uses directional audio filters to adjust the frequencies transmitted to both ears.

According to Apple, these features will be made available only on the AirPods Pro.

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iOS 14 Compatible Devices: List of iPhones to get iOS 14

From the 2020 iPhone SE to the 2015 iPhone 6S, users would be able to upgrade to the iOS 14 public beta, which would be made available in July or wait till September to get the final and stable version of the latest software. 

Below is the list of iPhones to get iOS 14.

  • iPhone SE (second generation)
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE (first generation).
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iOS 14 release date

The iOS 14’s Developer beta has been released on June 22, 2020 –  the day of WWDC 2020. While the Public beta is said to be released in July 2020 according to Apple Inc and, the final version is likely to be released in September 2020 – which is timed with the iPhone 12 launch

The iOS 14 is a big upgrade from Apple that will “re-imagine the iPhone experience”. A lot of these features wouldn’t be used by the ordinary users, but the geeks among us would maximize these changes to the fullest — as some have already started doing. 

What are your thoughts on the latest mobile software from Apple, will you be upgrading to the iOS 14? Let’s hear from you in the comments.

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