Latest iPhone Prices – Price of Apple Mobile Phones in Nigeria

Best price Latest iPhone Prices – Price of Apple Mobile Phones in Nigeria
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Apple mobile phones or simply iPhones has grown over the years in Nigeria – producing top premium quality phones. With their premium quality comes a higher price which you’d notice with their mobile phones.

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Despite the price, people still get to pay for it, because Apple always tries its best to provide value for its users. In this post, I’ll be going through some of all Apple’s smartphones currently available in the country – I’ll be going from the first series and up to the current iPhone 11 (as at when writing this).

Prices All Apple Mobile Phones (iPhone) in Nigeria and Specifications

The article will also list each device’s strong points and specifications.

Let’s begin!

The iPhone

Often referred to as the iPhone 2G – the iPhone (iPhone 1) doesn’t come with 3G network capability, it comes with 128GB RAM with 4, 8, and 16GB ROM variants. The battery capacity is 1400mAh, the camera is 1.9 megapixels.

Price of iPhone 2G in Nigeria: It currently costs around N15,000 or approximately $42

The iPhone 3 Series in Nigeria

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iPhone 3G

This is Apple’s second iPhone, the specs as compared to today don’t inspire much confidence, but let’s see for ourselves. Starting with the battery, the battery is an 1125 li-ion cell, for the camera, it’s a 2MP primary shooter with no secondary camera. The RAM is 128MB and 8GB ROM.

Price of iPhone 3G in Nigeria: At the cost of N25,000 or $70, you could get the iPhone 3G even though it’s no longer in production.

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iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS is an upgrade in certain aspects to the iPhone 3, an additional 128MB was added the make it 256MB. The primary camera is now a 3.15MP shooter without flash, there isn’t a secondary camera also. The battery capacity is a 1219mAh li-ion cell. The iPhone 3GS uses the iOS and a Cortex M8 chipset clocked at 600Mz.

Price of iPhone 3GG in Nigeria: If you want to get the iPhone 3GS, having around N27,000 or approximately $75 will be okay.

The iPhone 4 Series in Nigeria

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iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 from Apple serves has some good features for a device of its caliber, some of the specs including 512MB RAM, 5MP primary camera, and 2MP secondary shooter. This iPhone comes with 3G connectivity, for the screen, it’s a 3.5inches screen with an oleophobic coating. The battery is a 1420mAh lithium-ion cell.

Price of iPhone 4 in Nigeria: This and more you could get from iPhone 4 in Nigeria for about N40,000 or approximately $110

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iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S retains many differences from the 4, but the certain differences. The primary camera is an 8MP shooter with a VGA secondary shooter, OS is the iOS 5, and the Apple 5 chipset. The battery life is a little bit improved with the 1432mAh li-ion cell.

Price of iPhone 4S in Nigeria: With these little differences you can get this device for around N45,000 or $125

The iPhone 5 Series in Nigeria

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iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 which was launched in 2012 as a flagship comes pack with some nifty features, the device still outperforms certain android phones in today’s market. It packs the iOS6 as its OS and can be upgraded to iOS10.3.3, the battery capacity is 1440mAh, and a 1.3GHz swift processor.

The device also come in different variations, 1GB RAM 16GB ROM variant, 1GB RAM 32 ROM variant, 1GB RAM 64GB ROM variant.

Price of iPhone 5 in Nigeria: The prices of these smartphones vary, and you can get the iPhone 5 in Nigeria for about N45 – 50,000 or $125 – $138 in the Nigerian market.

Additional features of the iPhone 5 include; Corning Gorilla glass for production against hits and scratches, and also an active noise cancellation microphone that makes call quality much clearer.

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iPhone 5c

This is the intermediate device in the iPhone 5 series, it comes with some differences; a plastic all-around build, it also comes with the iOS 7 operating system which could be upgraded to the 10.3.3 version.

The camera and storage remain unchanged but there’s a slight increase in the battery capacity of 1510mAh which is a 70mAh increase in size. The device promises more functionalities and an increase in battery performance.

Price of iPhone 5c in Nigeria: The iPhone 5c can be gotten at a price of N84,000  or $232 in the Nigerian market.

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iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is the premium version in the 8th series of iPhones. It comes packed with some features which are visibly absent from the 5, and 5c. One of such is the upgrade in its OS – it’s an iOS 7 device that can be upgraded to iOS 12.4.4.  The resolution and screen size are the same.

The feature that got users excited was the inclusion of a front-mounted fingerprint scanner in this iteration of the device. It also has a much bigger battery capacity which means more battery life.

Price of iPhone 5s in Nigeria: This is a pretty premium device and it goes for about N72,000 or $199

The iPhone 6 Series in Nigeria

Next, Apple launched the iPhone 6 series – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and 6s Plus. Let’s see what these devices have in stock for us.

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iPhone 6

A much bigger screen estate, a better battery, and much quality – the iPhone 6 is a worthy upgrade from the 5 which has some cool features. The battery is a 1810mAh Lithium Polymer cell, an improved OS with the iOS 8.

The iPhone 6 is Apple’s first device to feature 128GB internal storage with 1GB of RAM, other variations are the 16, 32, and 64GB.

Apple also improved its security by adding a fingerprint sensor. Another important feature was the incorporation of Apple Pay functionality which lets users pay merchants seamlessly.

Price of iPhone 6 in Nigeria: You can get the iPhone 6 for N130,000 or $400

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iPhone 6 Plus

The 6 Plus from Apple offers a much more improvement from its predecessor, offering a much bigger size of 5.5 inches for better media consumption. There’s also a huge improvement in battery capacity – a 2915mAh Li-Po cell. The camera, storage, and all other stuff remain the same.

Price of iPhone 6 Plus in Nigeria: The iPhone 6 Plus can be gotten at a price of N150,000 or $415

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iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s is another top device from Apple and comes with some good specs.  It comes with 2GB RAM. For the camera it’s a single 12MP camera with optical image stabilization, the front camera is a 5MP shooter.

The device has a 5.5inches display, a 1715mAh battery. It also comes equipped with a front-facing fingerprint scanner for better security.

Price of iPhone 6s in Nigeria: You can get all this and many more for N150,000 or $414

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iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s Plus retains all the specs found on the 6s the only difference is the screen which is a 5.5inches display and the battery, a 2750mAh Li-ion battery. It comes in five colors – Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space, and Gray (not grey).

There isn’t much difference between both devices.

Price of iPhone 6s Plus in Nigeria: The price which is N180,000 or $498 in most online and offline store in the country.

iPhone 7 Series in Nigeria

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iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is a huge improvement from the iPhone 6 and all its variants. It comes packed with a whole of nifty features. It’s the first Apple device to feature a 2GB RAM, a much-improved camera sensor the iOS operating system, and the A16 Bionic chipset to go with it.

The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, it has an IP67 rating that makes it possible to be under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, anything above the time and distance might damage the phone.

Price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria: With N150,000 or $415 you can get the baseline model, but the 128GB variant goes for N400,000 or $1,105

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iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is the improved version of the 7, with 3 gigabytes of RAM, the 3D touch which was added in the 7 is much improved, and a bigger screen. The battery is also upgraded in the 7 Plus with a 2900mAh capacity.

Price of iPhone 7 Plus in Nigeria: The baseline variant of the iPhone 7 Plus (which goes for N200,000 or $553) comes with 32GB of internal storage, the other two are the 128GB and 256GB versions.

The iPhone 8 Series in Nigeria

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the 11th generation of the iPhone series. They were both launched in the third quarter of 2017 with some improvement to their predecessors.

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iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 feature a 4G network capability with Bluetooth 5.0, it is IP67 water and dust resistant. For storage it comes in 64 and 256 gigabytes variants – both having 2 gigabytes of RAM sandwich in the A11 Bionic chipset – which makes gaming very smooth.

Apple still continued making the iPhone without the 3.5mm jack for earphones (you’ll have to get the AirPods).

Moving on, the iPhone 8 also is also enabled for fast charging – with a 15W charger that charges from 0 – 50% in 30 minutes. For battery life, the iPhone 8 comes with a 1821mAh battery, with 14 hours of talk time.

Price of iPhone 8 in Nigeria: This device goes for N225,000 or $622

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iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus was created for high-end users, with lots of improvements (as usual) to the iPhone 8. There’s an upgrade to the RAM as the 8 Plus comes with 3GB RAM with storage of 64GB and 256GB ROM respectively.

It’s a much bigger display as its 5.5inch screen makes media consumption better. The screen has an oleophobic coating on its ion-strengthened glass.

Other features still remain unchanged; fingerprint sensor, 12MP single main camera, and a 7MP front-facing sensor.  Stereo speakers, Qi wireless charging, 15W fast charging of its 2691mAh battery.

Price of iPhone 8 plus in Nigeria: With N245,000 or $677, you can get iPhone 8 plus in Nigeria.

The iPhone X Series in Nigeria

Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and went on with producing the X (10 in the Roman Numerals). The devices in this series are the X, XR, XS, XS Max. The X was launched together with the 8 and 8 Plus while the rest were released a year later.

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iPhone X

The devices come with a whole lot of nice features you’ll surely love.

Starting with storage, the iPhone X comes bundled with 3GBs of RAM and 64GB or 256GB of ROM. Apple added a new method of unlocking the device by using your face – the face ID. The display is a Super Retina OLED 5.8inches screen. The screen is also scratch-resistant with the oleophobic coating.

The iPhone X is also Apple’s first device to feature a dual-camera – a 12MP wide-angle shooter, and an additional 12MP telephoto lens with flash. The selfie camera is a 7MP sensor with some 3D effects.

Price of iPhone X in Nigeria: The iPhone X or 10 is my best iPhone at least for now and it goes for N330,000 or $912

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iPhone XR

Some call it the iPhone X red (R for red), but basically, there’s no explanation from Apple as to what the ‘R’ stands for.

Moving on, the iPhone XR is feature-packed and comes with lots of improvements to the X; it’s a Liquid Retina 6.1inches display, it comes with dual sim functionality – actually Apple’s first dual sim iPhone. The processor is the A12 Bionic chip with 3GB RAM, internal storage starts a 64, 128, and 256. The battery capacity is 2942mAh Lithium-ion cell. The XR comes with single 12MP and 7MP primary and secondary cameras respectively.

Price of iPhone XR in Nigeria: You can get it for N285,000 or $788 in stores around Nigeria.

N.B. This device was made for nations who find it difficult in affording the iPhones, thus it’s the cheapest device in the X series.

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iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is an upgrade to the X, but is it a worthy upgrade? This question has gotten mixed reactions from iOS users and tech enthusiasts around the world.

The device sports a dual 12MP wide and telephoto lens, 7MP front-facing camera. The battery capacity is now reduced to the now 2658mAh Li-ion battery. Face ID, 4GB RAM, 3D Touch, 5.8inches Super Retina OLED display.

There isn’t much to say about the XS as it inherits some of the features from the X.

Price of iPhone XS in Nigeria: For a price of N400,000 or $1,105., you can get the iPhone XS in Nigeria.

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iPhone XS Max

The XS Max is a phablet display – a 6.5inches Super Retina display with oleophobic coating from scratch resistance, it has an IP68 water resistance certification for 2 meters underwater for a time of 30 minutes.

It also comes with iOS 12 and can be upgraded to iOS 13, the chipset is the A12 Bionic chip with a 2.5GHz Hexacore processor.

For the camera, it remains the same with the X a 12MP dual camera with 2x optical zoom. The battery is a 3174mAh lithium-ion cell and comes with Qi wireless charging, it also comes with a 15 watts fast charger.

Price of iPhone XS in Nigeria: For N430,000 or $1,190, you can get the device in Nigeria.

The iPhone 11 Series in Nigeria

In 2019, Apple launched its latest iPhones – the 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

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iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 birthed the addition of some new features in the iPhone series, a dual 12MP camera with dual-tone flash, face ID, fast charging, and a whopping 3110mAh battery capacity.

Other features; Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus for top-quality audio production. The fast charger is a much improved 18W charger that is capable of 50% in 30 minutes.

Price of iPhone 11 in Nigeria: It will cost about N323,000 or $893 to buy iPhone 11 in Nigeria

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iPhone 11 Pro

The 11 Pro has the specifications as the 11, but there are some differences which I’ll be outlining below.

The battery has been reduced to a 3046mAh lithium-ion cell, a triple camera setup – 12MP telephoto, 12MP wide, and a 12MP ultrawide sensor.

Price of iPhone 11 Pro in Nigeria: To get this device in Nigeria, you will need to have N461,000 or $1,274.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

The 11 Pro Max is the premium device in the 11 series, it inherits certain features from the 11 Pro. However, it has a much bigger display – Apple’s device with the biggest screen size.

The screen is also scratch-resistant, 120Hz touch sensing. The device comes with the latest Apple OS – iOS 13 with a hexacore processor.

For storage, it comes with 4GB RAM, with its baseline model having a 64GB ROM, other iterations come with the 256GB and 512GB ROM.

This device sports the biggest battery capacity on any Apple device (as when writing) – it comes with a 3969mAh, with an 18W fast charger to power the battery.

Price of iPhone 11 Pro Max in Nigeria: iPhone 11 Pro Max cost N507,000 or approx. $1,400 in Nigeria.

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iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the latest iPhone launched in April 2020. It’s rumored to have amazing features of the iPhone 8 and is the latest cheapest iPhone device in the market.

iPhone SE has 3G RAM and an amazing camera, design, and CPU. What sucks in iPhone SE is the battery and has no headphone jack.

Read more about the iPhone SE specification and its amazing features here.

The price for iPhone SE in Nigeria starts from $400

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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 series is the latest phone by Apple released in 2020 and the phone doesn’t disappoint at all.

The price of iPhone 12 in Nigeria as of January 2021 is as follows, iPhone 12 Mini starts at ₦500,000, iPhone 12 costs ₦600,000, and iPhone 12 Pro starting price is ₦670,000. iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Nigeria starts at around $1,099 for the 128GB Variant, which is equivalent to N422,000

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iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max

These iPhones are released and launched on September 16th and 24th respectively in 2021.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has a little advantage over the iPhone 12 while iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max totally take the iPhone to a level higher than its predecessor, iPhone 12.

  • iPhone 13 price starts from $799
  • iPhone 13 mini starts from $699
  • iPhone 13 Pro starts from $999
  • iPhone 13 pro max price starts from $1,099

Conclusion: Prices of Apple iPhones in Nigeria – and Their Capabilities

So, here’s the list of all Apple Mobile Phones (iPhones) in Nigeria, including their prices and capabilities.

If you noticed, iPhones lack high battery capacity compared to most smartphones you know. And also, they have low RAM (Random Access Memory) compared to high their storage (ROM – Read Only Memory) is.

But iPhones are one of the most reputable, expensive, and best phones in the world.

If you’re using any of these iPhones in Nigeria, then you’re considered rich. That’s why you see most celebrities are using the iPhone, they get respect a lot for using such luxury and expensive devices.

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So, over to you…

Which of these iPhones would you love to get and what’s the reason?

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